I Gotta Read More

Last year, in the quiet hours of New Year’s Eve, I made some resolutions.

  1. I will lose 10 pounds in 2010.
  2. I will read 50 books in 2010.
  3. I will get a good LSAT score in 2010.

April is now halfway behind us. I’m 1/10 of the way into goal number one (some would classify that as an “epic fail,” but I call it “skillfully treading water”), and I think I’m on my way to achieving goal number three. It’s goal number two that’s being such a pest.

I was the readingest reading machine you’ve ever met when I was a kid. My school had Accelerated Reader, a program designed to get kids excited about books. Each book was assigned a point value, and you could earn points by taking a short test after you finished a book. I never played sports as a kid, but I could’ve been varsity at AR.

I also loved to read from an early age; my mom always read the Beverly Cleary books to me when I was little, and I can remember staying up “late” to finish a good book. (Sidenote: I miss the days when 9:30 was oh-so late.) I continued to read through high school, often carrying a book in my purse and almost always reading while I tended the register at the local grocery store.

College is what got me.

I’m not sure how a place so devoted to reading and learning can suck the soul out of a devoted reader, but it nearly did. After writing papers, taking tests, manning two jobs, and being active on campus, I either wanted to fall into bed and go to sleep or fall into bed and watch Grey’s Anatomy. (Sidenote: I miss the days when Grey’s Anatomy was good.) I fought back junior year, cleaving out time for some “pleasure reading,” and I’m the girl who always hated that phrase as it suggested that reading could be anything but pleasurable.

Here I am now. Fresh out of school and with a New Year’s Resolution tapping its toe oh-so impatiently for attention. I’m seven books into my 50, and that is behind schedule. Perhaps I’d have more time if I could stop studying for the LSAT, tear myself away from The X-Files, and stop my second job for pocket money.

I’m way behind, but I’ll get there.

In the spirit of cheering me on, does anyone have good book recommendations?  I love fiction, history, and love stories. (Sidenote: Love stories aren’t trashy romances.).

In the interest of disclosure, I present my five favorite books of all time…

  1. “Gone with the Wind,” Margaret Mitchell
  2. “Cold Mountain,” Charles Frazier
  3. “The Pillars of the Earth,” Ken Follett
  4. “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” Jonathon Safran Foer
  5. “The Thorn Birds,” Colleen McCullough

Honorable Mentions: “The Life of Pi,” “The Green Mile,” “The Six Wives of Henry VIII,” “Outlander,” “Harry Potter,” and “The Book Thief”

Till next time,



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